Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A turtles shell is their home, a backpack will be mine.

They say to write a blog is like talking to another person, just write as if they were there with you.

So I guess that's what I'll do.

My name is Jesse, it's quite a pleasure to meet you, to whomever may read this. That's about all of an introduction you'll get right now, because as I post you'll get to know me better than a lame intro would ever tell you. And to be honest, it's hard to type on this iPhone - Always correcting my words as if it knows what I wanted to say. Spelling out things that I never knew existed in the dictionary, but yet, when I want it to correct a word to the proper spleling IT'S NOWHERE TO BE FOUND! "cough" You see what I did there right?

Any who, I am starting this blog before I being on my travel adventures. I am leaving my life here in Canada behind, strapping my papas 1980's backpack scratch that - I purchased a new backpack from the trusty Mountain Equipment Co-op store I am strapping that to my back and taking off for Europe. They call me crazy for doing alone.. I think nothing of it. (but to be honest I'm scared shitless, they say it's best to admit your fears.) I'm not too sure yet how long I'll be going for, or yet - why I'm even going. You know that itch in the pit of your stomach letting you know there is something more out there waiting for you? It spreads from the stomach to your feet, making you dance with the invisible sound of music - well that's what I have. So I decided to buy a plane ticket to Scotland and see where the road takes me from there.

I am leaving the YYC airport on August 12th/2012 and arriving on EDI's airstrip a day after... For many of you who do not know, YYC is the three digit airport terminology for Calgary International Airport, and EDI is the abbreviation for Edinburgh, Scotland's capital. I still have yet to discover how they make the digit codes for the airports. Why is YYC a code for Calgary International Airport? Can't they just call Calgary International Airport, Calgary International Airport or is that asking too much? If they really needed their beloved three digit codes, why not make YYC, CGY? Oh that's right, because Lumbia, Cagayan De Oro already took its place into the books. And for those who might be opening up the omnipresent Google page to ask the 'master' where Lumbia, Cagayan De Oro might be in this world, it's in the Philippines. It boggles my mind when I ponder the thought of where the world would be without Google, how on Earth would we ever find the answers to our questions?

From browsing the many sites that Google allows me to view, I have found out that the whole month of August is Edinburghs' festive season, they even have their own website dedicated to their festivities: http://www.edinburghfestivals.co.uk/. I look forward to be joining the haggis, brave-heart stricken capital to share their love affair for these galas. I am just hoping that I can find a worn out 4 inch, skin ridden mattress plunked on some two by fours resembling the outer shell of what is supposed to be a bunk bed to sleep on in a hostel there. Now my description of the hostel beds may be completely wrong seeing as how I have never been to a hostel before in my life... but only time will tell I guess. And if my description is right at least I have prepared myself by imagining what the beds will be every time I rest my head to sleep. Once again, only time will tell.

Now it's time for a random quote line to distract our minds from my previous jabbering:
"Peace is when time doesn't matter as it passes by."
-Maria Schell

I may do that from time to time, the whole quote thing - get used to it :) If you don't like it well that's your choice as it bothers me none.

As Dr.Seuss once said:
"Be who you are, and say what you feel. Because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."

... Getting back to my travels.

After I spend my long awaited time visiting Edinburgh, it's off to the nearest train station to travel the marsh-bogged fields to Glasgow. I have heard from rumors that Glasgow might as well be labeled the party capital of Scotland, and that's a pretty tough comparison since Edinburgh has a whole month dedicated to partying. I have yet to decide how long I would like to stay in Glasgow, but long enough until I get the travel bug crawling up my spine until it burrows its way into my brain, putting it to gear swinging me back on the road to Northern Irelands' capital, Belfast.

Belfast has been put into the history books by being the builders of an iconic ocean liner that will forever live in the hearts of people as the greatest lady to sail the seas.. the Titanic. I can truthfully say that I did not know this information before my research into the various places that I would like to see on my travels. After I walk down the unfamiliar streets of Belfast, I am going to cross the line that has separated the Protestants from the Catholics, the border between Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland.

Dublin makes me think of a particular bar that I must go see, the Temple Bar. It's funny how there is a certain place, symbol, building, or item for every town/city in the world that when people see pictures of it, or hear about it we can track down where that place is. Just think about it for a second. When you hear the words "Statue of Liberty," where does your thoughts automatically project to?

After my time visiting the eastern coast of Ireland's capital city, I will take a ferry to Holyhead, Wales, UK.

From Wales to Liverpool, to Nottingham, to London where I will be part way in the 2012 Olympic games. Now if I am afraid of not finding a hostel in the midst of Edinburgh's festivals, London can top those fears. For one, the prices will be sky high, and two, travelers besides myself need a place to sleep too. And they have probably reserved a bunk-bed the moment they heard that the Olympics would be coming to London (scoffing at myself as I did not think about this before.) After having my fair share with the land of royalty I am wanting to take the Chunnel under the English Channel, if I had the physique like Michael Webb I too would swim across the water way. (For you Googlers, save your button presses. Michael Webb was the first man to swim across the English Channel in 1875.) But seeing as how they conveniently placed a tunnel under the Channel, I might as well give my patronage to the train and allow it to take me lazily to France.

As far as planning goes for the trip, this is where I am at. Of course, the 'plans' that I have put fourth thus far will always change. After London, I shall take to the open road for all its mysteries and just go with the flow. 

To live with a house on my back, I get the feeling that I may never come back. - Autumo

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  1. WOW! You've stolen my heart and I'm going with you, invited or not.

    I was reading this blog as my gaze fell upon one of the most AMAZING people I've ever met - that's you JESSE! PLEASE DON'T LEAVE!

    My heart dropped when you told me about your planned adventure. The selfish side of me just refuses to let someone so vibrant about life go; genuine, kind-hearted - just a breath of fresh air.

    A special man once left me a note that dictated such moving words:
    "I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth. Then I ask myself the same question." - Harun Yabya

    ...just thought I'd give you some love with quoting...

    GO SPREAD YOUR WINGS MY LOVE. How can you go wrong with WONDER-NESS. Well-deserved!

    Bon Voyage! You will always have a place to come home to and it ain't CGY since that'll take you to my homeland, haha. It's YYC and don't you forget that. Lots of love <3