Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A lone monk on the water taxi.

To fall asleep with the frogs, mozzies, and crickets a chirpin' away, to then being woken up by the sweet sounds of birds singing over the low hums of monks at the nearby temple... in my own bungalow. Could life get any better?

I would like to formally say, sawatdee kap (hello in Thai). I have been in this beautiful country for well over three weeks and I realise that I have yet to make a blog entry. Now I blame that on three factors. 1: The heat penetrating my brain. Two: The humidity on my fingers would stick to the keys, and my writing would start to look as if somebody had smeared honey over my hands to ttyyippppeeeee. And three: It could be a little thing called Procrastination. But as my ma says, and I quote, "you don't want to spend all your time on the computer".

I'm going to whisk a wee little ways back to the 6th of December 'queue in the movie scene where a bubble would appear over someones head indicating to go back in time'.

It's not everyday I can take two flights, three subway/sky trains, two tuk tuks, one bus and a lot of walking. In my earlier post I mentioned the fact that somedays you just have to laugh at those little things that 'just don't go the way you were planning', and arriving in Bangkok is no exception.

After taking off from Istanbul's airport, I watch the sunset high in the sky. Then five hours later, thanks to the time shift, I watch the sun rise crest over the hills of Malaysia. One word: Stunning. To find the We Bangkok hostel it consisted of three metro trains but to my relief they were air-conditioned (if anyone is travelling to Bangkok and you're in need of some serious cooling down, just take the metro). Later, after meeting a gal from... Well I can't quite remember where she was from so I'll generalise it - from somewhere in the world, we decided to take a walk to Bangkok's China Town. From there, one bouncy, air polluted Tuk Tuk ride to the nighttime flower market where I could recover from the fumes of the cars. Then we tried to get back to the hostel but the tuk tuk driver took us about a two hour walk from it. He took us for a scenic ride to the Grand Palace. After one bus, and a thirty minute walk we made it back to the hostel. I've never slept so well.

Ahhh the sweet joys of a Tuk Tuk
That was three weeks ago. From Bangkok to Thailands former capital of Ayutthaya pronounced (ahh-yoot-ahh-yaa) - it's okay if you can't pronounce it as I still have a hard time wrapping my tongue around the word. There was a two week festival going on and they brought in the Jewel of Thailand - the elephant. There were elephants everywhere! Elephants walking alongside cars, when I looked ahead, elephants. When I would turn slightly to the left of right, elephants. Can you guess what was behind me? Elephants! I even got to feed one of them cucumbers. At night there was a performance being put on to show how the old capital got destroyed by the Burmese people back in the 1300's, and they wanted 500 baht from me to watch it! So I just sat across the lake and watched the outdoor show for free. I love free.

From ahhyootahhya to the monkey infested town of Lop Buri. Tip - if a monkey steals something off of your table, chances are you won't get it back from them unless they drop it.
Monkeys in Lop Buri
Lop Buri to Kananchburi to spend a day swimming around in the seven tiered waterfall.

Lastly, Kananchburi to Sukothai.

A wat in Sukothai's historical park

I have come to the conclusion that I love Asia already. It's definitely cheaper than Europe, has some delicious food, and the Thai Hospitality is amazing.


  1. Hi there! Did you ever face such a situation when a random person has stolen your intellectual property? Can't wait to see your reply.

  2. The heat penetrating my brain. Two: The humidity on my fingers would stick to the keys, and my writing taxi transfers (33%) would start to look as if somebody had smeared honey over my hands to ttyyippppeeeee.