Monday, 15 October 2012

Getting hungry in Hungary (catchy, ain't it)

Walking out of the train station with my iPhone battery nearly about to die... and I know it has the directions on it about how to get to the hostel. I scramble to find any piece of paper and a working pen in my little backpack before the phone dies to write down how to get to the hostel, but of course, it died. McDonalds has been my savior on more than one occasion, and for several reasons. This time it was trying to avoid the guard standing by the front door pretending like he actually cares for protecting McDonalds from hungry savages, but I escaped him and found an outlet to plug my phone into. Usually I'm going to the fast food giant to grab some disgustingly delicious food because all of the supermarkets are closed, but not this time no, this time in Pest it was different. 

Well, I have been living on the Pest side of Budapest for the past two nights, and staying here either one more night or two. I still haven't made up my mind about that fact yet. My ritual is to find the closest supermarket, preferably Lidl because it is amazingly cheap and has almost everything I need. Lidl is like Costco, expect much smaller and not everything comes in huge quantities like we all have to feed 10 children in our families. For example, I help myself to water by opening up the package that it came shipped in, unless some other thirst quencher has done the deed before me, but I usually end up buying carbonated water considering I can't read the labels. After two months of travelling Europe, I still do not like 'Mineral water', or what ever fancy terms they consider putting on the bottle to increase the price a couple cents. There is a local supermarket around the corner and it is the most money I have ever spent on food to date. I keep glaring at the receipt making sure my eyes are seeing the truth, as it states that I have spent 1,670.00 HUF on four steaks, a pre-made salad, two somewhat ripe apples, an onion and one clove of garlic. But, when I did the calculations from Hungarian forint to Canadian dollars I spent a whopping $7.67, hard to believe ain't it? The dinner was made for the night, but I knew that eventually my stomach would remind me that it needed food again the next day.

So, what to do when I'm hungry in Hungary.

As previously mentioned to those who are actually paying attention and not just skimming through this post, I made non local steaks and a garden fresh salad for the first night. Today after the free walking tour was over I found some traditional Hungarian food. Unfortunately I cannot recall the name of the first delicacy, but kürtős kalács is amazing especially with coconut shavings. Tomorrow I am hoping to find some other traditional food to post them on here to make you all drool some more.

Smoke fried Pork legs, cabbage, onions, lettuce and some white sauce.
1,200 HUF
The chimney desert: kürtős kalács
900 HUF

I'm going to go back a couple nights to when I was in Bratislava, Slovakia. I was thinking 'what can I do differently for my travelling experience', that's when I remembered CouchSurfing. After two days without any replies from any hosts, luckily, some brave soul replied back and said he would put me up for a couple days on his couch in Vienna. We set a time to meet out front of his apartment, I hopped on the train, and set forth for his pad. Now, it's not that I'm cheap... I just like to spend money other ways and not on public transport if I don't have to. I knew it would be a long walk to his house from the train station, but after a nice hour long walk with my backpacks strapped to my back dragging me down with every step I finally made it. I waited for him, and waited until an hour and a half passed by then I decided to find a McDonalds (see where it has been my savior, simply due to the free WiFi) and I booked a hostel.

I messaged him after and thanked him for considering opening up his home to me, which he subtly stated that he had been into a motor bike accident. The first thing that would pop into anyone's head is "yeah right, that's just an overused excuse that you spluttered out to me". He invited me to come back to his apartment for a beer, which I am not overly sure why I agreed to go back, possibly because I wanted to see if he actually got into his so-called accident. Sure enough, I found him with a newly equipped pair of crutches and bruises. Well, we had a beer and he then invited me over to his sisters house because she was making dinner. For the first time in two months, I had someone else cook me food... and delicious risotto and salads for that matter with free champagne and beer to boot! What else could I ask for?

That was my first adventure couchsurfing, and a memorable one to say the least.

I'll leave it at this for today.


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