Friday, 19 October 2012

I guess in life it's all the way you look at a situation. For example, there's some days where you can wake up at 6:30A.M on a squeaky top bunk bed with five other people in a room crammed in there like a can of sardines laid out in the basking summers sun giving off a stench one of else can quite describe. Still in a bit of a haze from the devil-y delicious hot wine you were drinkin' the previous night before at one of the best ruin clubs in town (more on that to come), and suddenly you remember you have a train to catch in under an hour. You can stumble to the nearest metro station with a city map in your hands, buy a ticket determined to make it to the train station at the departure time. There are those times where one can get lost in Budapests underground metro, a city below the city for those who go to work every morning without thinking where they are, or what stop they have to get off at. For them, it comes almost naturally as if they were a zombie dragging their feet onto the subway, ready to eat up the words mumbled from their bosses overused lips. Then, sometimes those zombie people will tell you incorrect trains to get on to help you get to the train station, and eventually you realize you've passed a certain underground stop many time in the past 30 minutes. In cities, there are signs that point the way of 'EXIT' in another foreign language and, well, they can go to the exit, or they can connect to another line that you need and the planners expect everyone to be psychic to know that. Yes, there are times in life when you can be lost below ground, in an unknown city, staring at a clock and it is showing the exact time your train leaves to another city, a.k.a you missed your train and you know the next one is not coming or another two hours.

So, what does one do in a situation like that you might be asking?

Well, my first reaction was to throw down all my bags in the middle of the platform and scream until whatever the hell piece of rubble building lie cemented above me, giving a wake-up call to the unsuspecting people. I could have done that, yeah. Or, I can think to myself 'I'm lost in the labyrinth of Budapests metro city, the capital city of Hungary and I am getting a little hungry too, but I am lovin' it'... I'm not too sure if any of you caught the reference to the McDonalds slogan, for that is where I find myself once again. At the same McDonalds as when I first got into the Holy city of Buda, no wait, I'm on the Pest city of Budapest, forgive me for that. I wonder if McDonalds will sue me for using their trademarked slogan, or possibly, they will pay me lots of money for advertising their company. Hopefully the latter comes true... If only they knew how much of their free WiFi I use.

Seriously, what I am trying to get at is your attitude is all dependent on yourself and how you look at situations, nothing more, nothing less. Look at me preaching like an out dated, missing paged book aptly entitled '100 and one ways of teaching, speaking, and preaching about preaching'. Never heard of it?
It's a classic. 

Also, what I am saying is that we should learn to trust our intuition, and not the finger-pointing of a complete strangers at 7:00 in the morning when your beneath a city. But sometimes, those strangers do help as well. 

At this point in the post I would like to leave you with a quote that I over heard from a fellow genius traveler:

      "Shit doesn't roll uphill..."

No. No it does not, unless of course it is being rolled by someone in the uphill direction then, it would in fact be rolling uphill. But, I don't know who would do that shitty job (Pun).


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  1. hi jesse ru okay, sounds like u had a bad start to your day, travels has its ups and downs,but so far i think you have managed to have more ups, hope you get to your next destination withou any problems.